Corrupt MS Federal Judge Henry T. Wingate Is Anti-Christian

Please click on the link below and read the request Christian activist E. “Stephen” Dean was forced to file with the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit requesting that they order Wingate to issue a decision in Stephen’s case because Judge Wingate had sat on his case for almost two years without taking virtually any action whatsoever on Stephen’s lawsuit against the MS Board of Bar Admissions Members. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals was asked by Stephen to order Judge Wingate to make a decision on his case.

It is Stephen’s belief that Judge Wingate would not have dared to have forced a Moslem or gay who had a lawsuit before him to wait almost two years without rendering virtually any decisions on their lawsuit. Therefore, Judge Wingate’s refusal to act on Christian activist Stephen Dean’s lawsuit for almost two years clearly was a form of intentional persecution engaged in by Wingate against Stephen Dean. It is anti-Christian for Wingate or any judge to persecute a Christian activist just because they are a Christian who has publicly spoken out against immoral conduct engaged in by the judiciary on his web site and in his talks at various churches in Mississippi. After all, isn’t Mississippi supposed to be at least one state in the nation where Christians are not supposed to be persecuted by judges just because they speak out against immorality in the judiciary?


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